The “Need for Speed" in modern hiring and work processes

Raivo Strēlis

Published: 08.12.2023.

The “Need for Speed" in modern hiring and work processes

In a world where a scroll through social media happens in a split second, the new generation of employees expects the professional realm to keep pace. The mantra is clear: fast hiring, fast firing, and everything in between. Let's explore why speed in the job journey is not just a preference but a necessity.

In a society accustomed to swift interactions, attention spans are dwindling. According to a study by Microsoft, the average human attention span has dropped to around eight seconds, emphasizing the urgency to captivate and engage potential employees promptly.

Talented individuals are constantly exploring opportunities. The speed of the hiring process directly correlates with talent acquisition. A survey by Glassdoor found that 67% of job seekers prefer a fast application process, and 45% lose interest if there's no response within a week.

The new generation thrives on immediacy. An extended recruitment process not only tests their patience but risks losing them to competitors.

The influence of social media is undeniable. Fast-paced platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have conditioned individuals to expect quick responses and interactions. This behavior transcends into the professional realm, demanding a streamlined hiring process.

From application to onboarding-fast job advertisement is the first step! According to LinkedIn, job posts get the most clicks within the first two days. After that, interest tends to wane.

The recruitment process should move swiftly. Top talents often have multiple offers, and a drawn-out process can result in losing them. Research by Workable indicates that the best candidates are off the market within ten days!

The interview process should be concise yet thorough. Prolonged interview stages can lead to a 50% drop in candidate acceptance.

Fast responses to applications and interviews are critical. The onboarding process sets the tone for the employee's journey. An efficient onboarding system improves retention. Statistics from Glassdoor show that a strong onboarding process improves new hire retention by 82%.

Conclusion. In the era of rapid information exchange, the professional realm must keep pace. Fast hiring and work processes are not just preferences but essential strategies to attract, engage, and retain the new generation of talent. The statistics speak for themselves - speed is the key to success in the dynamic world of talent acquisition and employee retention. Time is money. Remember that.


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